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The Nature of Avatar

One of the many really big ideas that Avatar bombs us with is the interconnectedness of nature. We’re all connected and our planet is a living thing. Of course this is too difficult to imagine here on earth so we … Continue reading

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Are the Whealthy Overtaxed?. Final Installment

Now that we’ve got the charts and number under our belts let’s consider some conclusions The first thing we notice is that despite the huge difference in numbers and far more complex nature of Minnesota’s economy, the basic illustration holds, … Continue reading

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Are the Wealthy Over Taxed? Part 2

Part two of my series on the rationale an economics of our tax structure. Now this is obviously a very simple model, but that’s the beauty of it. If you compare this model to the real world the only thing … Continue reading

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Are the Wealthy Over Taxed? A Basic Illustration- Part One

My buddy Carter, a thoughtful bastard if ever there was one, suggested that if I have a long entry I should break it up into small chunks. I didn’t get where I am today without taking good advice from thoughtful … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Blog. This is place for me to write about stuff.  As the title suggests I’ll be sharing thoughts I have about almost anything from movies to politics. You’re welcome to comment but I expect you to use … Continue reading

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