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How’d We Get So Polarized? Observations From An Anti-Sport

  I’m beginning to realize that I blame almost all of societies, nay- the worlds problems on sports. Everywhere I look I see insidious sports toxins being injected into the very fiber of our collective existence. Someone’s got to sound … Continue reading

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Pro Sports Are Bad For People, And I’m Pretty Sure They’re Bad For Puppies and Kittens As Well

That’s right. Professional sports are harmful to puppies and kittens. If you love puppies and/or kittens you MUST be against professional sports! I didn’t make the rules that’s just the way it is. OK I got stadiums on the brain … Continue reading

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A Short Follow Up On Sports Subsidies In Minnesota

By Paul Udstrand Last week I blogged about the economics of professional sports subsidies in Minnesota. I offered an analysis that concluded that over the last 48 years public subsidies for professional sports have become too expensive, and constitute a … Continue reading

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