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My Beautiful City of Lakes and Reflections: The Zen of Dog Walking

I have two dogs and they’re both slow walkers. Anyone who has problem with the idea of smelling roses along the road of life just needs to walk my dogs. I guess my dogs are rather Zen because they never … Continue reading

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Obama vs. Romney: You Have to Have a Story, And Asnwer the Questions

Well President Obama and Mitt Romney had their second debate last night and it went to Obama as far as I’m concerned.  I’m glad Obama showed up for this debate, I don’t know who that was in the last one. … Continue reading

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Slinging Malarkey: Voter ID Proponents Distort the Truth… Again

Most Minnesotan’s now know that they’ll have a chance to vote on two new constitutional amendments in November. One of those amendments will require a photo ID at the polls and create a new provisional ballot system. The folks promoting … Continue reading

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This is a Nation Not a Drug Cartel: And I Want To Keep It That Way.

This November Minnesotan’s will be voting to chisel the meaning of the word “marriage” into our state constitution. I think as long as we’re using the constitution to define words these days we should vote on the meaning of the … Continue reading

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A Two Minute and Twenty Second Argument For Voting “No” on the Minnesota Voter ID Amendment

I’m obsessed with Amendments. Last week it was bikes and helmets and Portland OR and now its amendments. I just wrote a little blog that provided a bunch of reference links to good articles and blogs (including my own) about … Continue reading

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Vote ‘No” on Minnesota’s Voter ID: Here’s a List of Articles that Explain Why

Minnesotans are currently facing two of the biggest challenges to basic freedoms in state history. One constitutional amendment seeks to enshrine bigotry and intolerance into the constitution in the form of a ban on same sex marriage. The other Amendment … Continue reading

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An Afternoon With a Pro Photographer and other Humanity

Today I’m taking a break from my usual musings about matters of immense importance and intense debate in order to make a couple simple observations I’m a photographer by trade and I photograph a lot of weddings. Weddings can be … Continue reading

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