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Lone Wolves Do Not Shoot People

Mark Twain said a lot of things very well, there’s no denying the guy had a way with words. So Perhaps it was Twain who said it best when he pointed out that evil and certain types of violence are … Continue reading

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We’ve Met the Alien’s, And They Are Us!

There’s no getting around it my friends, we’ve screwed up the planet and our relations with our fellow beings. As an Atheist I blame religion of course but that’s just me. Well, it’s not just me really, some people have … Continue reading

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Beware the “Right Hook”: Safe Cycling and Experience

I’ve been thinking a lot about “expertise” amongst bike riders in the last few years. The United States has had a persistently higher bicycle accident and fatality rate that many other nations for more than two decades now and I’m … Continue reading

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