Welcome to my Blog. This is place for me to write about stuff.  As the title suggests I’ll be sharing thoughts I have about almost anything from movies to politics. You’re welcome to comment but I expect you to use your real name. I’ve found that anonymity breeds disrespect and I’m not interested in duplicating the asinine discussions found in other comment discussions. If I suspect your not using your real name I’ll block you. If a comment is incredibly stupid or malicious, I’ll delete it. This is a blog for adults, you can be a bastard, but you have to be a thoughtful bastard.

If you have ideas about things you’d like me to think about please let me know, my imagination is limited and I expect to run out of ideas. Share your own thoughts as well.

I’ll not be writing on any set schedule. I’ll only post when I have something to say about something, and I don’t know how frequently that will be.  If I was you I’d check back once a week unless it looks like a nice discussion has sparked.

Never had a blog before so I’m learning how to work this. There’s all kinds of stuff in here about templates and options that I don’t understand so don’t be surprised if the mechanics and appearance of the blog changes every now and then.

I hope everyone who visits is a thoughtful bastard and we all have something interesting to say!

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5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Paul Bachschneider says:

    I’ve always thought of myself as a thoughtless bastard – Good name for the blog Udders! I’ll be looking to see what you think about things and might just give you some of my thoughts as well. Though they are few and far between!

  2. Sarah M. says:

    Great idea, Paul. Your voice is one I’d like to hear on the internet. Start out positive and do some thinking about dogs, would ya?

  3. carter meland says:

    Thoughtful bastard? U.R.A. Pissant, you know, a real five star bastardosaurus rex so I have no doubt you can carry off the proper level of bastardry to make this thing work. As to “thoughtful”, well, I think this may help:

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