Paul's Photography


There's a number of photos that my wife and I love! Paul has a fantastic artistic eye. He has a great sense for all the elements that go into making a great photo.

Paul came very well prepared. He was unfamiliar with our venue, so he scoped it out in advance and was prepared to capture great shots the day of the wedding. During the ceremony we didn't even notice he was there, and we were surprised and pleased by the vantage points of his photos. He clearly put a lot of thought into it all. Right after the ceremony, he quickly set up his lighting gear for some terrific portrait shots, which he was great at orchestrating. Candid shots, action shots...he did a great job across the board.

The great thing about Paul was his approach to making sure we got the photos WE wanted, in the style we wanted, first and foremost. Our preference was for less emphasis on portrait photos and more action/candid shots, so we gave him a list of our "must have" photos, and he was happy to make sure to get those in the midst of the wedding madness. He also had no problem with other people taking photos, which we've heard can be a problem with some photographers. He was certainly warm, friendly, good-humored and respectful of all the other elements of our wedding. For people like us, who are not used to having someone photograph them repeatedly for extended periods of time, he managed to capture so many great photos without us ever really noticing his presence, which led to some fantastic action/candid shots, and allowed us to focus on celebrating our most important day!

Dave Badiner

The work is simply stunning. It is beyond my dreams. We clearly chose the right guy for the job here.  Your personal passion and brilliant eye
combine with well honed technique to yield a masterful body of work, Paul.  Thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to our
memories. And you can quote me on that at any time.

Mark Hager


Thank you. Your photography skill made our special day even better. Everyone that you dealt with stated that very nice things about you. You have truely round your gift in life and we were blessed to have found you!